Kiriko Festivals in Noto





Sosogi Grand Festival

Fireworks, torch lights, kiriko lanterns and drumming with the “window rock” in the background

Praying for the development of the region

The Sosogi coastline of Wajima City is known for its splendid views of rocks in various shapes such as the “window rock”. Legend has it that a deity’s ship arrived here blown by the “aino-kaze” wind. This festival of Kasuga Shrine is held every August.
On the evening of the first day of the festival, five kiriko lanterns of different sizes and types (both uncoated and coated with Wajima lacquer) gather at the shrine. After a Shinto ceremony, the lanterns at the top of the kiriko are lit using the candles of the shrine, and the parade of the portable shrine surrounded by kiriko lanterns begins. The candle flames flicker in the darkness, producing a fantastic scene.
When the parade arrives at Window Rock Pocket Park, the energy of the festival reaches its climax. Gojinjo drums and Hassei drums are played by the light of the pillar torch and fireworks, and the kiriko dance wildly. The audience becomes excited by the sight of light and flames, as well as by the sounds and the dancing.

Blessings brought by the visiting portable shrine

During the main part of the festival on the second day, the portable shrine visits the houses of families that have experienced auspicious events during the year, such as the construction of a new house or the opening of a shop, and the priest chants a celebratory sutra. Then, people present sake to the priest, and treat the carriers of the portable shrine to cold drinks. In Noto, festivals are firmly rooted in people’s lives.

Highlights of the festival

●Torchlight event, kiriko dancing and fireworks can be enjoyed at the same time.
●Fantastic parade of kiriko with candlelight.
●Dynamic Gojinjo drum and Hassei drum performance.

Day: August 17th and 18th
Location: Sosogi Coast, Machino-machi, Wajima City
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