Kiriko Festivals in Noto





Doiyasa Festival

Loading of huge kiriko floats onto boats to the rhythm of energetic chants

Uniquely shaped “Sleeve-kiriko” floats

The Hime area of Noto Town is known for squid fishing. In the summer festival of Suwa Shrine, people pray for a big catch, and “sleeve-kiriko floats”, which resemble kites in the shape of a footman of olden times, are paraded through the town. People start to make the lanterns every May. Rolls of screen paper are pasted together to make large sheets, which are decorated with colorful paintings of kabuki characters. Small pieces of colored paper are put on the background of the pictures to give them depth.

Cruising leisurely in the port

The six kiriko floats are equipped with wheels, and move quickly. People stop them suddenly, shake them, and then start to run. The parade is very thrilling, and it conveys the lively atmosphere of the fishing town. At ten o’clock in the evening, the kiriko floats gather at the port, and three of them cruise on denma boats. The highlight of the festival is the loading of the lanterns onto the boats. By the light of bonfires, people insert two logs under the base of the lantern, raise the lantern, and transfer it onto the boat with cheers of “Yoitosho! Yoitosho!”, accompanied by the sound of drums. Everyone is excited at the powerful sight. The audience joins the participants in chorus, and everyone shares in the excitement. After that, the boats cruise leisurely during a fireworks display. The reflections on the sea created by the lights of the lanterns are enchanting.

Highlights of the festival

●Thrilling scene of huge lanterns being carried onto boats.
●Distinctive shape of the sleeve-kiriko floats.
●Magnificent figure paintings that have taken two months to complete.

Day: 4th Saturday and Sunday of July
Location: Hime Area, Noto Town
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