Kiriko Festivals in Noto




Kiriko festival of Shika Town


17Togi Hassaku

Shika Town
Sightseeing Model Course

Shika Town is located in the southernmost part of Noto Peninsula, and its west coast faces the Sea of Japan. The long coastline offers various scenic spots such as rocky coasts featuring cliffs and rock formations, coves used as fishing ports, and sandy beaches ideal for summer bathing.

First day

A two-day trip for enjoying the
scenic spots along the coast

The coastline of Shika Town is a scenic area called “Noto Kongo”. We hope you enjoy the beautiful beaches and various scenic spots along the coast of the Sea of Japan.

Enjoy the comfortable drive along the highway from Kanazawa in a rental car.

Imahama IC

How refreshing! This is the only beach in Japan where you can drive on the sand at the surf’s edge.


Route 249

he Togi Hassaku Festival is carried out along this beach. The beach is famous for its many small pink shells. Please take a rest on the “world’s longest bench”, and enjoy the splendid beauty of the sun setting over the Sea of Japan.


Route 249

A set of six wooden carving Buddha plates is stored in this shrine.


On foot

The largest karst landscape in Japan, offering magnificent views of rocky formations.


(on foot)

These cliffs were used as a setting in the novel “Zero-no-shoten”. The 35m to 55m-high cliffs offer a really thrilling atmosphere.


Route 49

This calm cove is surrounded by high cliffs. Legend says that Yoshitsune Minamoto sheltered 48 boats here to protect them from raging seas.


Access from Tokyo
  • JR Hokuriku Shinkansen (To Kanazawa) Rental car Shika Town
  • Noto Satoyama Airport Furusato taxi Shika Town
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