Kiriko Festivals in Noto




Kiriko festival of Anamizu Town

18Okinami Tairyo Festival

19Ômachi & Kawajima Festival

20Maenami Hikiyama Festival

21Myosenji Kiriko Festival

22Nakai Kiriko

Anamizu Town
Sightseeing Model Course

Anamizu Town is located to the north of Nanao Bay and has flourished as a transportation hub since long ago. American astronomer Percival Lowell who visited during the Meiji period was fascinated by the beauty of the area, and introduces it in his book Noto. Our town looks out onto a calm inland sea and features distinctive history and culture. Why don’t you come and visit?

First day

Stroll around the Anamizu city area, where the Ômachi & Kawajima festivals are held.

Walk around freely while enjoying the waterfront scenery of city, which also features canals.

An ancient temple constructed in the 9th century, noted for the cherry blossom trees in the temple grounds, which are designated as a natural treasure by Ishikawa Prefecture.


This shrine has a history of over 1000 years. It features a monument inscribed with a poem by the Buddhist priest Saigyo, and a votive picture of a ship, the oldest in the Hokuriku region.


A monument honoring Percival Lowell, an American astronomer who introduces Anamizu Town in his book Noto.


This shrine enshrines Nobutsura Hasebe, a warrior from the Kamakura period who appears in the Tale of the Heike. The main building of the shrine is constructed in a Zen temple style, rarely seen in shrine architecture.


The museum shows the history of the town’s development as a long-standing transportation hub.


An approximately 2km-long promenade along north Nanao Bay, with gentle waves lapping at the sides.


Access from Tokyo
  • JR Hokuriku Shinkansen (To Kanazawa) JR Nanao Line Noto Railroad (To Anamizu)
  • Noto Satoyama Airport Furusato taxi Anamizu Town
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