Kiriko Festivals in Noto





Koiji Fire Festival

Bonfires illuminating the night sky A fire festival based on a tragic love story

A once-a-year lovers’ rendezvous

The sea is calm at Koiji Beach, which is located on the inner coastline of the Noto Peninsula. The name of the beach has its origin in a tragic love-story legend. It is not known when the people of this region started to make bonfires to console the spirits of the lovers, but that is how the festival originated.
On the day of the festival, two kiriko floats resembling the lovers come to the beach. Young people carry the kiriko floats in the sea towards the offshore island of Bentenjima. When fireworks are set off above the island, the festival becomes lively and the kiriko floats dance wildly in the sea. The kiriko floats dancing in the sea against the background of fireworks create a very fantastic, beautiful scene.

Pageant of light in the night sea

When the two kiriko floats are placed in front of the torii (gate at the entrance to a shrine), fireworks go off. The fireworks form Japanese characters, which are different every year. It is fun to predict which characters will appear in the night sky.
Young people swing small torches attached to the tip of a bamboo stick, creating beautiful fire rings and a romantic atmosphere that is suitable for a beach with a romantic name. Then large torches are ignited and burst into flame. The scene of the burning fire, and the torii and kiriko on the surface of the water is like a colorful picture. With many rings of light dancing wildly, the festival comes to a spectacular end.

Highlights of the festival

●A tragic love story that moves visitors.
●Kiriko floats dancing wildly in the night sea aiming for Bentenjima Island.
●A fire pageant created by torches and fireworks.

Day: 3rd Sunday of July (the day before Marine Day, a national holiday)
Location: Koiji area of Noto Town
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