Kiriko Festivals in Noto





Myosenji Kiriko Festival

A kiriko float that moves backwards A traditional festival connected to an ancient shrine

Giant white-wood kiriko decorated with paper strips

Hakuchi Shrine, located in the Myosenji area of Anamizu Town, was constructed in the Nara period as the guardian shrine of Myosenji Temple, where it is said that the renowned priest Kobo Daishi practiced Buddhism. In this summer festival, a giant kiriko with many paper strips is dedicated to the shrine. In the olden days, a nine-meter-long giant kiriko was carried up the steps to see the portable shrine that was returning to the shrine. In the festival, the kiriko is paraded around the town and taken to the shrine to lead the portable shrine to the specified place. At this time, the kiriko moves backwards, facing the portable shrine so as not to be rude to it.
Recently, only one kiriko has been used because there is a shortage of people who can carry a kiriko lantern. Nowadays, the kiriko does not climb up the stone steps to see the portable shrine, but people’s passion with regard to this festival, in which a kiriko float is paraded around the town, remains unchanged.

Highlights of the festival

●9m-high giant white wood kiriko with a refreshing atmosphere.
●Kiriko moving backwards, facing the portable shrine to be polite.
●A peaceful, simple kiriko festival.

Day: August 15th and 16th
Location: Myosenji area of Anamizu Town
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