Kiriko Festivals in Noto





Nakai Kiriko Festival

A historical town that flourished through its metal-casting industry Treasured folding screens on exhibit

Fighting for a gohei and praying for a bountiful harvest

Known for its metal-casting industry since the Heian period, the Nakai area of Anamizu Town has produced many highly skilled metal casters. Rows of old houses remind us of its history as a casting town.
The festival that takes place at the end of August is referred to as “Folding Screen Festival” because people exhibit their treasured folding screens for festival visitors to see. Some are decorated with elegant calligraphy, and some are gold screens that have been carefully preserved as family treasures.
At around 8 o’clock in the evening, kiriko floats are gathered in the precincts of the shrine. The portable shrine and kiriko floats are paraded around the town while the distinctive festival song “Nakai-bayashi” is sung, and they stop to visit houses along the streets. After 10 o’clock at night, torches are lit in the square near the river, and young people fight to get the gohei; this is the climax of the festival. It is said that the team that gets the gohei will have a bountiful harvest.

Highlights of the festival

●“Folding Screen Festival” — Treasured folding screens on display in each house.
●Singing of a distinctive festival song while the portable shrine is carried.
●Riverside fighting among Kiriko carriers to obtain the gohei.

Day: Last Saturday of August
Location: Nakai area of Anamizu Town
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