Kiriko Festivals in Noto





Okinami Tairyo Festival

Kiriko dancing wildly in the sea under the blue sky

A heroic fishing-village festival

Unlike most Noto kiriko festivals, which reach their climax at night, Okinami Tairyo Festival, which is held in the Okinami area of Anamizu Town, takes place during the day.
According to legend, the deity of Okinami Suwa Shrine drifted ashore, which is why kiriko lanterns are carried to the sea for a purification ceremony, and to pray for a good catch and the safety of fishermen.
On the first day of the festival, when fireworks are set off in the night sky, kiriko visit Okinami Suwa Shrine to meet the portable shrine, and then they are paraded around the town. After that, the portable shrine is carried to Ebisu Shrine in Ebisu-zaki. The kiriko dance in the precincts of the shrine to the music of drums and gongs, and to loud, rhythmic shouting.

Kiriko carriers dancing chest-deep in the sea

In the morning of the second day, when the kiriko lanterns gather at Tatto-no-hama, Okinami Tairyo drums are beaten rhythmically, and the carriers enter the sea one by one as a whistle is blown. They dance vigorously in water up to their chests. As the drums are beaten more loudly, the kiriko absorb water and become heavier. However, the dance continues amid all the splashing, and the excitement builds. When the whistle sounds, the kiriko return to the beach.
Under the summer sky, you can enjoy both the energetic kiriko performance and the beautiful blue sea of Noto.

Highlights of the festival

●Unusually, it takes place in the daytime.
●The kiriko dance performance takes place in the sea under the blue sky.
●The kiriko lanterns are inscribed with auspicious characters.

Date: August 14th and 15th
Location: Okinami, Anamizu Town
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