Kiriko Festivals in Noto





Ômachi and Kawajima Festivals

Parade of kiriko and floats with modern decorations

Bands of lights moving around the town

Anamizu Daigu (Hetsu Himejinja Shrine) in the Ômachi area of the central part of Anamizu Town and Hakusan Shrine (Mimana-hiko Shrine) in the Kawajima area have long histories. The festivals of these shrines are held on the same day as the “Ômachi and Kawajima Festival.” Three portable shrines, 11 kiriko and 10 floats from each area are brought out for the largest kiriko festival of Anamizu Town.
At nine o’clock at night, kiriko and floats gather on the main street of Ômachi and Kawajima Honmachi Street after being paraded around the area. The scene of kiriko and floats proceeding in a row along the street is the highlight of the festival. The lanterns and lights attached to the kiriko and floats form bands of light. Lively shouting, bamboo flutes, gongs, and drums add excitement to the festival.

Modern decorations

There are interesting decorations hanging from the ropes for pulling the floats, such as teru-teru-bozu dolls (with magical powers to bring good weather and stop a rainy day), sparkling substances and bells, which show the characteristics of each area. Large doll-shaped lanterns representing brave warrior figures and popular animation characters sit on the top of the rectangular floats. Modern culture is integrated into the traditional festival. In addition, pictures drawn by children are exhibited as lantern covers. We get a sense of the warmth of the local residents, who want both adults and children to enjoy the festival.

Highlights of the festival

●Largest kiriko festival in Anamizu Town.
●11 kiriko and 10 floats parading like a band of light.
●Float lanterns decorated with popular animation characters.

Day: 2nd Saturday of September
Location: Ômachi and Kawajima in Anamizu Town
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