Kiriko Festivals in Noto





Shingo Nôryo Festival

Mysterious summer night festival lit by kiriko lanterns

Candle flames flickering in the darkness

The Satoyama mountain landscape extends over the Natauchi area of Nakajima-machi, Nanao City. This festival originated as a way of allowing the deity of Fujitsuhiko Shrine to enjoy the cool breeze of a summer night.
Every year, 10 kiriko lanterns are carried by people from eight nearby villages. Most of Noto’s kiriko lanterns are lit by electricity, but the lanterns here are still lit with candles. The flickering lights are very different from the light of electric lanterns when seen from a distance. The beauty of transitory light in the darkness cools down the hot summer night.

Kiriko dancing to the festival song

The music of the festival is another attraction. Flutes are not used; only drums and gongs play a characteristic rhythm, and people sing the festival song. The kiriko lanterns gather at the shrine, parade around the precincts, and follow a portable shrine to the square on the right bank of the Kumaki River. The scene of the lanterns and the portable shrine is well worth seeing.
The lanterns dance to the dynamic rhythm of the gongs and drums, making circles in turns. People watching on the other side of the river are cheered by the scene. Flickering candlelight produces the mysterious atmosphere of this summer festival.

A message from Noto residents

The Natauchi area is located along the middle section of the Kumaki River, in a mountainous area. During the festival, the lights of the houses remain on until late at night, while the parade of kiriko lanterns continues, accompanied by the music of drums and gongs. Candle flames flicker and the festival song produces a nostalgic atmosphere. This is an unforgettable festival.

Asao Fujihira
Ishikawa Prefecture Special Tour Guide Advisor, Noto Peninsula Tourism Association
Former Director of Kiriko Art Museum

Highlights of the festival.

●Nostalgic atmosphere of candle lante.r
●Splendid view of kiriko lanterns lined up.
●Elegant tune of the festival song

Day: August 14th
Location: Fujise, Nakajima-machi, Nanao City
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