Kiriko Festivals in Noto





Togi Hassaku Festival

An exciting night with about 30 kiriko for god lovers

The legend of male and female gods

Masuhoga-ura Beach in the Togi area of Shika Town is known as one of three beautiful beaches with many small shells (nitidotellina nitidula) that have drifted ashore. Once upon a time, a male god who drifted to Masuhoga-ura Beach was rescued by the female god of Sumiyoshi Shrine, and they became a couple. However, since the male god could not endure the sound of rough waves, he moved to another shrine (Togi Hachiman Shrine). Subsequently, the male god on the portable shrine started visiting Sumiyoshi Shrine to meet the female god once a year on the first day of August by the lunar calendar. This is the origin of the festival.

Kiriko lanterns rushing to the shrine

On the first day of the festival, about 30 kiriko lanterns parade around to see the male god on the portable shrine. The scene of the kiriko lanterns pushing the audience aside in order to rush into the shrine is the highlight of the festival. It is as if each kiriko is competing against the others to be the most elegant, and each portable shrine carrier is trying to be the bravest. After completion of the ritual performance in the precincts of the shrine, the male god on the portable shrine sets off to Sumiyoshi Shrine to see the female god. The portable shrine travels the two kilometers to the shrine at night, as drums and gongs play a distinctive rhythm. The first day of the festival closes with excitement. On the second day, the portable shrines are the heroes of the festival. The male god’s portable shrine and regional portable shrines gather at Masuhoga-ura Beach. The procession of 11 portable shrines on the white sandy beach is quite a sight.

Highlights of the festival

●Romantic festival of god lovers.
●About 30 kiriko parade in the night. (first day)
●11 portable shrines are carried on the beach. (second day)

Date: Last Saturday and Sunday of August
Location: Togi area, Higashi Masuho area and Hiezukuri area in Shika Town
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